The top Varian ICP autosampler

An autosampler automates the loading connected with laboratory samples into the particular sample injector of a new chromatograph. Around combination, the particular autosampler and the sample injector are known as the autosampler shot system — a technique that isolates compounds from the sample therefore, the chromatograph can detect them all. There are five main forms of autosampler hypodermic injection systems:

S/SL (split/splitless) treatment systems
On-column inlet methods
PTV injector systems
Gas source inlet systems
Purge and trapsystems
With it has the dynamic power to trap low level materials, the particular purge and trap system is used for samples whoever compounds occur on low-ppb (parts for every billion) values. When that they choose an autosampler to get purge and trap, numerous laboratories narrow their own options to the Centurion WS Autosampler and the Archon/OI Type 4552 Autosampler. Varian ICP autosampler If you are assessing all these autosamplers, the evaluations under will aid your assessment.

Centurion WS Autosampler versus. Archon Autosampler

Assessing the particular Centurion WS on the Archon/OI Model 4552 should be done using criteria that establish the particular overall value of the autosampler to the customer. These requirements are:

Deductive superiority
Mechanical robustness
Ease of use
Simplicity of servicing
Analytical Superiority
The Centurion WS features electronic digital, three-position delivery, a pré-réglable 1ul-100ul delivery, and does indeed certainly not require priming. These kinds of features give it one particular of the most versatile, trustworthy, consistent, and cost effective IS/Surr delivery systems about the market. Through the use of a new fast hot water wash in a fixed quantity hook that keeps waters in the path popular, and flushing this minimizer parameter soil as they are and transfer line with P&T’s Bake gas, the idea also features excellent carryover lowering.

The Archon/OI Type 4552 features mechanical, two-position shipping and delivery, a 1ul supply, in addition to requires priming. These attributes make it less adaptable, dependable, consistent, and price effective than the Centurion WS. Its stop very hot waters rinse with a good syringe also offers fewer carryover protection.

Mechanical Strength
The particular Centurion WS shows a new high level of technical durability due to the following specs:

A entirely supported X-Y-Z equip
Liquid vial sampling occurring at the dish
A fiber optic vial sensor
Vial sensing during transport just for soil samples
An escalator procedure that only bears soil
Modular electronic design and style
A good P&T concentrator that will handles flow control
Eradication of the syringe mechanism located in most autosamplers
In comparison, the requirements for the Archon/OI Model 4552 are that it:

Has an supply whose left side is unsupported
Does not sample water vials in the tray
Characteristics a mechanical switch (ofcourse not a fiber optic sensor) that must be manipulated during vial transport
Posseses an elevator that moves the two water and soil selections
Contains an all-in-one printed out circuit board as an alternative associated with modular electronic design
Functions separate pressure and move control
Uses the syringe mechanism, which can prospect to syringe glitches.
The Centurian WS accomplishes high output due to be able to its dual concentrator mode for liquid and soil trials, and the generous trial positioning of 100 waters samples and 90 garden soil samples. These features produce cost savings for the GC/MC course of action and raise unattended autosampler operation. The particular Archon/OI Type 4552 is short of a dual concentrator style and only functions location for fifty one trials.

Easiness of Use
Featuring universal remote control and intuitive House windows XP Software program that is certainly viewed on a 15″ appropriate monitor, the Centurion WS is one of typically the least complicated autosamplers to make use of. In contrast, the Archon/OI Model 4552 cannot be manipulated distantly, and features an user interface that is altered via a compact key pad.

Ease of Maintenance
This Centurion WS possesses about three attributes that make this easy to manage: a error tracking in addition to test log, on-board timely movement diagrams, and complete on-board diagnostic checks. The Archon/OI Model 4552 does not really possess these features.